Skala Milk Proteins Body Moisturizer 500ml


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Skala Moisturizing Body Lotion Vegetable Milk Proteins If there's one thing we should always have, it's that body cream to leave the skin in the right way, right? Even because, our body needs special care, of course.

That's why it's time for you to meet the Vegetal Milk Protein Moisturizer, a Skala lotion that hydrates and provides wonderful benefits to your skin and has everything to gain a special space in your skin care routine.

This wonderful cream makes your skin very soft, hydrated, silky, enveloping and fragrant.

In its composition it contains coconut milk and vitamin E, which act as antioxidants, rejuvenator and moisturizer to keep your skin always perfect! After knowing all the benefits that this product can offer, it's hard not to try it, right?

Moisturizes the skin; rejuvenates; Biological antioxidant (combats skin aging); 100% vegan; Fragrant skin.