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The #MaisCachos line was specially developed to meet the needs of curly, curly, frizzy or transitioning hair.
With ingredients rich in nutrients that hydrate and detangle, it gives shine, strength and ultra repair, in addition to leaving curls showing that volume.

Ideal for hair: All types of curls.

D-Panthenol: Strength and Hydration
Castor oil: Strengthens and helps fight hair loss due to hair breakage
Shea Butter: Extreme nutrition, ensures shine and hydration
HOW TO USE: TREATMENT CREAM: Choose one of the use rituals: Curvaturas 1, 2ABC: we recommend applying it along the length of the hair, avoiding the root, leaving it on for 3 minutes. Rinse. 3ABC and 4ABC curls: if the hair is dry, use it as a PRE SHAMPOO.
With unwashed hair, strand by strand, apply and enluve the strands, leaving it to act, rinse and continue washing with Skala Expert Vitamin Pump shampoo and conditioner. For best result, wear thermal/laminated cap for 15 minutes. Rinse.

CO WASH: Our formula has emollient agents that are capable of cleaning the hair. Suitable for curly, curly and chemically and dye-sensitized hair.

With a towel remove all excess moisture from the wires. Choose one of the usage rituals:
1 - Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair and spread well. Do not rinse and style normally.
2 - Enluve all hair, separate into locks and texturize the strands Coquinhos: Gives shape and makes the curls more evident Twist: Gives shape and definition without harming the natural structure of the strand Dedo Liss: Ideal to match different curl textures Let it dry naturally ( while it dries, do not manipulate the strands so as not to form frizz) The ideal amount to be applied will depend on the amount of hair and the length of the strands.

The continuous use of this product is ideal for those who are in transition. But if you've already passed, use and abuse and leave your hair every day with #MAISCACHOS.