Skala Divino Potao Treatment Cream 1Kg


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You know that product you'll want to use even if your hair looks amazing?
This is it, after all he is DIVINE! It was specially formulated for those who are going through the Hair Transition process.
Just a Divine product to understand and help you who have two textures.
Eliminates Frizz, Hydrates, gives life to opaque hair, volume in the right measure and models curls in a smooth way without leaving residues.
And the most AMAZING of all is yet to come, it's just not worth fainting after this novelty, it can be used as a Treatment Cream and Styling Cream.
Suitable for curly hair.
Its formula is free of Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones, Petrolatum and Mineral Oil.
#SkalaApaixonadaPorAnimais is *Vegan: it has no ingredients of animal origin.
Isn't this Skala INNOVATION concept great? Developed especially for you who love animals and the release technique!

Castor Oil: Strengthens and assists in the fight against hair loss due to hair breakage.
Argan Oil: Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E. Ultra repair and shine.
Vegetal Keratin: Divine moisturizing and moisturizing action, recovers and renews the damaged structure of the hair
Vegetable Collagen: Rich in amino acids, promotes hydration, vegetable protein.