Narciso Rodriguez Rouge edt 50ml


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Narciso Rodriguez Rouge EDT is a fantastic eau de toilette that comes in a simple and elegant bottle, as in a perfect sense it fits perfectly with the elegant, elegant and feminine woman who believes that the simple way of doing things is preferable.

The color red normally symbolizes love, passion and temptation, and that is exactly what this EDT represents, thanks to its fantastic combination of irresistible notes that harmonize perfectly with each other.

The first thing you will feel when you put it on are the beautiful flowers that, together with the heat of the intense musk, creep through the body and make you super curious about what else it has to offer. It is at the heart of the perfume that the slightly heavier and seductive tuna grains act, releasing an unusual aroma when combined with tuberose and orange blossom. To conclude, the scent is rounded off with the warm notes of cedar, vetiver, sandalwood and sweet vanilla that unite the whole scent and give a unified overall impression that spoils all the senses. If you're a brave, independent, classic woman who isn't afraid to show a little bit of her complacent side, then this is definitely for you.