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Narciso Rodriguez For Her edt 50ml

Narciso Rodriguez For Here is a romantic and warm perfume, which contains olfactory notes of, among other things, warm and sweet vanilla. In addition, it is with exotic peaches, patchouili, musk and sandalwood. The scent is fresh, smooth and sensual at the same time.

Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc edp 10ml

Addiction has a name...

FOR HER PURE MUSC from Narciso Rodriguez is a woody floral character "Eau de Parfum" for women.

With this fragrance, the company reinterprets its iconic fragrance, FOR HER, exalting the presence of musk (musk), an olfactory note always present in all the designer's creations, capable of creating infinite sensations such as addiction, euphoria and passion. An aroma that borders on the erotic always wrapped in elegance and exclusivity.

With a very personal and intimate olfactory depth, this essence enhances the natural beauty of the woman who wears it. Dedicated to modern, free women with very clear ideals. They don't follow rules, they create them along with their perfume, a seal of their own identity.