Hermes Terre D Hermes edt 2ml Vials


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TERRE D'HERMÈS is a surprising “Eau de Parfum”, far from stereotypes. Modernity in harmony with natural elements, to recreate an aroma of strong and dark tones -like the earth-, with the particularity of some characteristic chords of subtle lightness that recreate the humid and vital atmosphere of Nature.

At first you can feel a strange feeling of vitality thanks to its citrus notes of grapefruit and orange. After a few minutes, this fragrance in tune with the skin shows its heart of mineral notes, where quartz tides of strength and emphasizes the senses.

The last olfactory accords of this exceptional fragrance are composed of woody notes, oak moss and benzoin, a highly appreciated aromatic resin from Sumatra (Indonesia), used since ancient times for its medicinal properties, today very popular in aromatherapy.

This is an absolutely brilliant fragrance, designed for modern men and travelers who find in Nature the authentic definition of the concept of beauty, simple and complex at the same time. An explosion of stimulation for men who are not afraid to live exceptional moments.