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[How to use] -In the case of powder foundation Rotate the brush and brush the powder foundation to lightly include the foundation. First, apply the foundation lightly as a stamp on your cheek. Paint under the eyes, forehead and eyebrows while moving the brush left and right. For the face line, hold the brush lightly and apply it on the outside of the face. For a more natural finish, mix the teak base and powder on the cheeks.�EE¿½E½E In the case of a liquid foundation Place a liquid foundation directly on the cheeks. While lightly touching the cheeks with the brush, apply a liquid foundation to the surface of the brush. [Characteristics of the brush] -As with animal hair, making the ends of the hair thinner makes the skin softer (touch) .�EE¿½E½E As the tips of the hair are thin and rigid, it is possible to make thin and elastic foam. �EE¿½E½E AEEEifficult to cut the tip of the hair and the stiffness of the hair lasts longer.�EE¿½E½E It does not smell animal unlike natural hair