Forever Liss Platinum Blond Mascara Matizadora 250g


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The Platinum Blond Forever Liss 250g Matizadora Mask was developed to provide your blonde hair with a beautiful platinum effect, giving your strands back the nutrition, hydration and protection they need.

The yellowish tone is gradually reduced through the use of this product, which has in its composition natural antioxidant ingredients such as pink grape and blueberry. Indicated for blonde, gray or highlighted hair, it also protects the hair from daily aggressions such as exposure to the sun, use of a hairdryer and flat iron.

Antioxidant action;
Correction of the yellowish tone;
Intense hydration;
Wire recovery;
Platinum effect;
Increases brightness;
Makes hair silkier.
Reduces oiliness.

01. After using the Platinum Blond Tinting Shampoo, apply the Platinum Blond Tinting Mask starting at the tips and working towards the roots.

02. Massage and spread the product well with the help of a comb.

03. Let it act for 5 to 8 minutes.

04. Rinse normally, finish as desired.

If the hair is very yellow or orange, use the product up to 3 times a week.

Gradual reduction of yellowness and enhancement of the platinum effect, with much more hydrated, soft, shiny and nourished hair.

The result of the product may vary according to the state and conditions of each type of hair.