Cartier Pasha Parfum 1.5ml Vials


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Pasha de Cartier is an "Eau de toilette" for men, with woody notes. This perfume symbolizes the majesty of Turkish origin that describes a rich and powerful man from Príncipe, who appreciates the luxuries that life gives him and the lives involved in sophistication and elegance.

This fragrance was created in 1992 by perfumer Jacques Cavallier. He was pitching to represent the first water resistant watch in history, launched by his own signature Cartier, and which at that time was an unaffordable luxury for many. This watch was hailed by the highest personalities and together with it they acquired the perfume, so this duo quickly became a symbol of success.

The notes of this perfume are highly fresh and virile. Its intensity begins with lavender, mandarin, mint, cumin and anise, an explosion of freshness and energy, which melts with coriander and Brazilian rosewood. Finally, the hand sophistication of labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli and oak moss, refined and refined notes, which, in full harmony with the previous ones, form a bomb of elegance and exclusivity.