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Escape for Men by Calvin Klein is an "Eau de Toilette" for men belonging to the Aromatic family. It is a classic in the world of perfumery and one of the brand's first men's fragrances. escape is a cry for freedom, an escape route to a calm sea, where the horizon meets the ocean, creating a sense of infinity.

This fragrance was launched in 1993 by perfumer Steve Demercado. This is one of the first aquatic aromas in the world of fragrance, a perfume that smells of the sea, beach, well-being and positivism, an essence for energetic men, who want to start a sensory journey that can perceive salt water and sand on their bare skin. Escape is synonymous with flight, a leak to find.

olfactory pyramid starts with a citruses and fruity freshness, full of vitality and dynamism, some of them are mango, bergamot and eucalyptus. Once on our skin, welcomed a marine notes starring heart, especially the Calone, similar to algae, which is interspersed with rosemary, cypress, birch and fir to give perfume. Finally, its essence is surrounded by a warmer environment, thanks to the presence of vetiver, amber and patchouli among other notes.