Calvin Klein Ck One edt 200ml


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CK One symbolizes a universal spirit for a world that is diverse.

a fragrance timeless, that overflows with youth and simplicity. Celebrating individuality and unity, this fragrance radiates the emotion of endless opportunity. 

A true dialogue between masculine and feminine, CK One is a unisex perfume, attractive for men and women. A milestone in the 1990s, it conquered the world and continues to be one of the best selling perfumes.

CK One is revolutionary and rejects traditional gender stereotypes by harmonizing feminine floral with masculine wood in a single fragrance. timeless, bold and clean, its fragrance brings together refreshing notes of green tea and bergamot, perfectly balanced with nuances of spices, such as cardamom, along with rose petals and violet, composing its base notes with the sensuality of musk and amber.